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Our Team

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Buster Arnwine

Chief Commercial Officer

Buster brings 20+ years of executive CPG experience across large corporations and lean start-ups. Having lead brands such as Mucinex, Upspring, and others, Buster has increased efficiencies, improved profitability, expanded product lines, launched new brands, and successfully increased market share at some of the world’s largest retailers. He knows what it takes to win in today’s omnichannel economy.

In his free time, you will likely still find Buster working, but he will also be supporting his son at his sporting events, hanging out with his dogs, and working out.​

Brent Dennison

Chief Sales Officer

Brent is a high-performing professional. As a category manager for GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, he knows what it takes for brands to excel at retail. Not only does he know how to make it happen but he has developed key relationships that are crucial to the success of our partner brands. After leaving retail, Brent spent the past 4 years driving success with Nutrabolt. He is a key resource to helping your brand grow at every level.

When he is finally able to step away from work Brent is often found at Tennessee football games wearing orange or traveling the deserts and mountains of the American West. 

Jeremy Howlett

Chief Growth Officer

Jeremy comes from a strong brand and digital background. As a co-founder of Altra Footwear, Jeremy learned early in his career all of the components necessary to make a brand grow. Committed to balancing direct-to-consumer with marketplaces and traditional retail, he is able to work with all brands to find successful lift. Focused on ways to increase customer acquisition and lifetime value, Jeremy is able to build brand strategies that last.

When not crushing marketing, Jeremy is traveling or outdoors with his wife and/or kids. With his wife and four children they have visited all 50 states. 

Nick Stagge

Chief Marketing Officer

Nick brings years of marketing experience in retail and digital channels leading marketing initiatives at brands like GoPro, Reebok, Skullcandy, Best Buy, REI, and more.  Leading our in-house creative team, Nick takes decades of experience in building brands from small to large to help your business thrive in any condition.

Currently, Nick resides in Utah and enjoys exploring the world with his family, rooting for the Utah Jazz and RSL, and advocating to break the stigma around mental health.


Our Approach

Liberating the potential of great stories and solutions into consumers lives everywhere.

We recognized this potential hurdle to timely, profitable, and enjoyable growth and decided to build a new type of solution and company for CPG brands. FRG fuses all the required growth elements into one streamlined process and partner for CPG brands so our clients and brands can focus on doing what they love, enriching consumer’s health, home, and environment. 

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