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We Are Fusion Retail Group

The CPG growth support model is broken. As your trusted growth partner, we streamline your sales and marketing processes based on years of experience at the executive level running brands just like yours. 


What We Do

Fusion is like getting fully staffed commercial departments on our Day 1, without the time, cost, and stress limitations. We are your true partners, putting your growth goals as our goal.


Our Approach

FEWER. BIGGER. BETTER. Fusion synchronizes with your revenue, profit, and operational goals. Then Fusion will manage the entirety, or pieces, of your commercial go/grow to market within context of supporting your goals.


Our Mission

We do not care about portfolio size, we only care about driving noble growth for people and planet. We want to drive $1 Billion of growth with select brands by 2030.

Our Founding Executive Team

Expert Executives Driving Increased Growth

Buster Arnwine

Chief Executive Officer
Managing Partner

Jeremy Howlett

Chief Growth Officer
Senior Partner

Brent Dennison

Chief Sales Officer
Senior Partner

Nick Stagge

Chief Marketing Officer
Senior Partner

Expand your omni-retail presence and accelerate your sales

What is an Executive CPG Jumpteam?

At Fusion, we have built a fully deployable executive team that is focused on growing your overall profitability. We work hand-in-hand to create an omnichannel strategy to help you efficiently grow your profits where your customers shop. Through our deep retail relationships, we’ll open doors and demand shelf space for your products from the best retailers. Our digitally savvy team will help acquire new customers and convert them into brand and product loyalists so you can scale predictable sales.

Executive Oversight

Data-driven executive leadership available to you and your team. Focused on leveraging data, aggregating it, and using it to execute on the appropriate strategy.

Retail execution

Looking for management of existing retail relationships or expand into new ones? Need to turn product more rapidly? Looking for shopper marketing solutions that work? We are here to help!

digital channels

Is your brand website not performing as you’d like it to? Do you have too many outside agencies to deal with? Need help launching or optimizing Amazon or We’ve got the expertise.

Fuse growth elements into streamlined processes

Long-term Success

FUSE FRG success with client long-term success​. FUSE discussions on financial growth with passionate conversations about doing what is right for consumers

Best-in-class practices
FUSE best-in-class billion-dollar brand practices with entrepreneurial ways of working for the best of both worlds​
Action & Speed

FUSE ingenuities & cutting-edge tools, tactics, and strategies with a strong bias for action and speed

Fun & recreation
FUSE client meetings with recreational opportunities. We play where we live and we bring clients along for the fun; mountain biking, skiing, fishing, etc.

Serving you with offices in:
Bentonville, AR
Minneapolis, MN
Salt Lake City, UT

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